Karnaugh map 1.2

Karnaugh map 1.2: Karnaugh map minimalizator - program for minimalize logical functions. Karnaugh map minimalizator - for minimalize logical functions for 3-8 variables. This program help you safe logical circuits. This program is special for students. On left you can see a full map of your function. Negation of variable is big capital.

SELLmatix POS Point of Sale for Retail and Restaurants. Low Cost, Fast Operation & Setup

SELLmatix Point of Sale Software for Retailers and Restaurants uses Touch Screens, Keyboards, Barcode Scanners and Electronic Scales and requires minimal training due to Cash Register liike operation, and this results in extremely fast operation with minimal user input. SELLmatix POS uses low cost industry standard components for reduced cost and improved reliabilty and maintenance cost, and all technical information is available online.

software, retail, point of sale, scale, restaurant, barcode

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Hexa Screensaver 1.4

A lot of simple and complex, relaxing and addictive, three and two-dimensional animations in this industrial-style minimalistic screensaver. Animations are varied from sea to mountains, from absract patterns to quite naturally looking rose, from regular squares to live random moving objects, from ordinary grass to fantastic hyperspace. And that`s just a quick enumeration. Try and see all yourself!

unusual, grid, screensaver, minimalistic, hexagon, hexa, wireframe, abstract, hexagonal, wave, animation

Maxima and Minima 1.00: Finds the relative maxima and minima of functions of several variables.
Maxima and Minima 1.00

Finds the relative maxima and minima of multivariable functions. It can fully explore defined intervals to search for multiple solutions or quickly find solutions starting with random seeds. You may predefine constants and specify the error bound for the results. Handles a wide variety of functions, including trigonometric and hyperbolic functions. Results can be saved or printed. Includes a help file with instructions, example and methodology.

science, optimization, mathematics, math, maxima and mimima, engineering

cpcc - cross platform C++ classes 0.53: C++ cross platform classes for windows and MAC OSX
cpcc - cross platform C++ classes 0.53

minimal library of C++ classes. Amongst others, it contains: a portable file system class a path helper class - allows manipulation of file paths a screensaver interface class a persistent settings class (similar to INI files) a portable color class a window class with simple drawing functions a time counter class a self-test class (allows you to run tests against your code, with minimal programming overhead). Every class can contain its self-test

c library, cross platform c, portable c library

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DeepPac 3.1

DeepPac is designed for Windows clone of classic arcade game. The object is to eat dots and various bonuses while you avoid the enemies. With new marvelous graphics, funny sounds and over 40 surprising levels it`s now one of the best clones of Pac-Man. You can switch between three difficulty levels or start playing at any maze using levels codes. Joystick and keyboard steering supported. All of this despite minimal system requirements.

minimal, deep, packman, requirements, deeppac, winpac, joystick, action, pacman, arcade

Simulated Annealing Demonstration 1.0: This is a Java application that demonstrates the Simulated Annealing algorithm.
Simulated Annealing Demonstration 1.0

This is a Java application that demonstrates the Simulated Annealing algorithm with an attack on the "traveling salesman" problem. What is simulated annealing? Simulated annealing is a technique, which was developed to help solve large combinatorial optimization problems. It is based on probabilistic methods that avoid being stuck at local (non-global) minima.

annealing, salesman, traveling, simulated

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